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American Classics Leather - 420 - Designer's Choice - Chair

  • American Classics Leather - 420 - Designer's Choice - Chair

American Classics Leather - 420 - Designer's Choice - Chair


A Classic, Rustic Leather Chair

The 420 Designer's Choice Rustic Leather Chair is a simple, yet elegant leather chair built by American Classics Leather. Featuring a 6” track and square arms, the 420 Miami is a rustic leather chair that becomes a humble addition to any room.

The seat and back cushions are designed to match the arms of the chair. Displaying clean straight lines, the 420 Miami Rustic Leather Chair can also be customized with one of four different grades of leather that the customer can choose from. It is also built with wedge feet which can come in one of three different finishes – again allowing the customer to choose their preference.

Constructed on a solid wood frame and with a unique 8-way hand tied seating system, this rustic leather chair is built to last. The 420 Miami comes with an optional extended warranty and free in-home delivery across the United States.



Hight: 38" 

Width: 35" + (Arm Choice x 2)

Depth:  22" Seat Depth = 39" Overall,

24" Seat Depth = 42"Overall, 

26" Seat Depth = 45"Overall

Inside: W 25" 
Seat: H 18" 
Arm: H 25"


  • Solid wood Frame
  • Covered in all top grain and or full grain leather
  • 8 way hand tied seating system

      Protect Your Investment

      We offer an extended 5-year warranty on all of our products that goes above and beyond the manufacturer's warranty.

      100% Top or Full grain Leather

      Never vinyl. Never Split hides. Never bonded leathers. We only offer the highest grade top or full grain leathers.

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